Open Charta Pascal

Open Charta Pascal is a project by Charta Software to realize and maintain an open source Pascal code base.

Open Pascal code base

This platform (this Open Charta Pascal website) offers developers insight in and the possibility to use the elaborate Pascal code base, which is the basis for the products and solutions by Charta Software. Developers can use the code in their solutions subject to the provided license. We encourage developers to provide us with feedback on the code, used standards/techniques and documentation. In this manner we try to increase the quality of our code and solutions and realize wide usage and acceptance of our code base. All information on this website, the code and documentation is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind and can be used at own risk.


The code can be dowloaded via the Releases section. This web platform also offers direct insight in the code and documentation. Each release lists all units available in the specific version of the open code base. The source and corresponding documentation can be explored online.