Log messages

Guidelines on how to describe changes in a log message


A log message should follow the following format:

  • A task number is always preceeded by a #.
  • If available a message should start with the task number followed by a colon.
  • If there is a single explaining comment for the entire revision, it should be placed after the colon separated by a space.
  • If there are multiple further comments for (parts of) the revision those comments should be placed on a newline and preceeded by a * and a space.
  • A message can contain both a global comment and a list of comments.
  • A comment starts with a capital letter.

Here are some examples:

  • 1 #1000: Adds a test case
  • 1 2 3 #1000: * Removes some FunctionA() * Moves FunctionB() to its own unit
  • 1 2 3 #1000: Adds test cases * Checks for upper bound * Checks for lower bound


A log message should follow the following guide lines for its content:

  • Describe the change as if the revision applies the change, not as what you have done as a developer.
    1 #1000: Adds a test case
    is correct,
    1 #1000: Added a new test case
    is not correct.
  • If possible add some extra information on the change that is not obvious from the change itself.
    1 #1000: Removes class TTestObject because it is not used any more and we should use TBetterObject instead
    is correct,
    1 #1000: Removes class TTestObject
    is not correct.